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Review: COLLECTION Cosmetics - Own it, Work it, Love it

A year back, British most colourful cosmetic brand, COLLECTION made its debut in Malaysia with a range of trend-led products for young women to create a look that says: "this is me, and I love it."




 Above was the photos during the launching. I like their slogan: Own it, Work it, Love it! It is indeed a very fun brand!


COLLECTION products not only fun but thoughtful and innovative.

One of my favourites is Cover & Go Foundation and Concealer Duo which is dual purpose combination of liquid foundation and cream concealer. It has built in mirror for easy application of the foundation and cream concealer, great for quick fix.

Available in 4 shades
Suitable for all skin types
Retail price RM35.90



Last but not least, shimmery Hotlights lipgloss is another new thing in the market. Imagine if you are in the dark, this lipgloss becomes handful for its built in light and mirror features!

Available in 6 shades
Glossy with shimmering particles
Non-sticky pigment
Retail price RM24.90

 Another  COLLECTION product that I love so much is the Work The Colour Eyeshadow pencil. Look at my picture above when I use it as an eyeliner. I'm a single eye lid girl, but with this pencil, just glide it at my upper eye lid, within a minute, I look like having double eye lid, do I? Well, this is also a great product for me during traveling, I don't need to bring a palette and a brush, just one
COLLECTION Work The Colour Eyeshadow pencil is enough!


Available in 6 shades of waterproof and wooden pencil
Lasting and transfer proof
Can be used as kohl pencil or eyeshadow
Sharpenable pencil
Velvety soft formula encased in a pencil
Retail price RM24.90
COLLECTION is available at selected Watsons and F Block stores. Get one now and try it! Definitely you will fall in love with it!

For more information, please visit:

For UK readers, here is another link for you guys:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2 Days 1 Night Fun @ Paradise Valley, Semenyih

Okay, this is a year back story. I supposed to write it last year but due to busy schedule, I have to postpone it. Paradise Valley is another fun place in Semenyih besides beautiful Sek Dato Temple with suspension bridge, Broga Hill and Broga Rabbit Farm. For those staying in KL and Seremban, it is about 45 mins to 1 hour journey to reach this place. What I like most about this place is the lush greenery surrounding plus its cool tranquility.

A very big thank you to my media friend from travel magazine who brought me here. He needed a model for his magazine story cover up that time and thus I was invited together for 2 days 1 night there.

I did not get any payment for the 'job offer' but just a free stay and food provided. No...I did not get any VIP treat...hahaha...We were given a stay at a camp like above. Oh yeah, luckily separate camps for both of us! Unfortunately I did not take any photo for the interior view of the camp. It is quite spacious with 2 single beds with pillows and a standing fans and a light bulb. Nevertheless, it is very hot to stay inside the camp in the evening.


The luxury type of accommodation available here is in chalet style. Basically the resort staff will drive you up here with 4 wheels if you are the guest.


The chalets are equipped with air-cond and water heater for hot shower. 

As my friend required to cover up the resort story in his magazine, thus we had a chance to visit all rooms here.


Next, we led to the dorm for a visit. At the lower floor, one of the dorm places 8 double decker beds. It is very comfy and clean unlike dorm in some places. I will highly recommended this place for companies who want to do team building activities for workers.


The attached toilet at the dorm.


This is another dorm room. Still the room is neat and clean.

Function hall for presentations, speech, singing, gathering and etc.


 Perfect ambience for relaxing and stretching our tired muscles by engaging in some fun outdoor activities provided by the resort.

Take a deep breath for the fresh misty and unpolluted air the morning


The first activity that I involved as requested by my friend is the flying fox!

  Pretending to be unafraid hahaha


 By the time I was sitting at the deck and look down, it was quite scary! I was hesitated for a few minutes but eventually I made it!

When I slid down, the first few moments were the most terrifying part. I did not feel like I was being held by the rope as the rope at the starting point was very oblique compared with other parts (so that we can slide till the end?)


Next, we went up the hill again for the wall climbing. 

Sadly, I did not manage to reach the top. I did not train my biceps and triceps and rarely involve myself in anything related to strength resistance exercise. But still I have fun xoxo


We were supposed to have kayaking after all the adrenaline-pumping activities. Unluckily, it started to rain heavily. Both of us sat at the canteen of the resort and waiting for the rain to stop. While waiting, I saw the boss fed the fishes at the pool with food, I requested if I can help him to feed the fishes too! He handed me with a pack of the fish food and I was very happy to help!

Tried to touch the fishes' bodies with finger.....a playful girl indeed


About an hour later, the rain fell lightly and we were asked to join the boss for a dinner at a restaurant behind Sek Dato temple. Thank you for the treat!


Back to the resort, we continued with the kayaking. I must say it is very easy to move the kayak as it is light weighed. And I have no issue with the activities at the pool although I don't know how to swim as the water level is until my waist only.


Next, we cycled around the resort and borrowed the motor to the aboriginal village to pay a visit. So, he is the media friend that I said, a helpful friend yet a good daddy.

That is one of the aborigine's house not far away from the resort. Two of the kids were undressed. This place is not far from the modern city of KL, but they are still very much left behind in term of the facilities and infrastructure.

Next morning, we were brought to the waterfall that is within walking distance from the resort. Hmm...truly not recommended to be here. It is a very small waterfall, nothing beautiful and there is too much mosquitoes till I got many bites at the hands and legs! 

Regardless of the unhappy incident at the waterfall, Paradise Valley is still a great place for retreat, team building, leadership camp, seminar, school trip and wedding reception.

For more information, please visit:

Lot 1742 & 1369, Jalan Tarun Broga,
43500 Semenyih, Malaysia. 

GPS N 2.941' E 101.91'

Sunday, May 17, 2015

My First Soufeel Charms Bracelet

I was approached by Soufeel company last 2 weeks for blog collaboration. I was thrilled when I got the email as I was unexpected for all this. After a few rounds of discussion, we agree upon some terms and thank you Soufeel for the trust on me.


About Soufeel
SOUFEEL was founded in 2011, which promised to deliver the best shopping experience for jewelry lovers all over the world. SOUFEEL’s direct to consumer model has created the most beautiful charms, beads, bracelets and other accessories, and offer them to their customers at ultra-competitive prices – all backed by our class leading guarantee and customer service.
Since Soufeel entered into jewelry market in 2011, their products have been sold in six continents such as Europe, North America and Asia Pacific area through approximately seventy countries. The websites also have more than eight different languages for customers' convenience to browse. Now Soufeel has registered trademark in European Union, North America, Asia Pacific and many other countries. They combine manufactures and retail sales in order to offer the customers at the most comparable price. Now their returned customers take more than 50% of the whole sales.  
I was given a particular amount of budget to spend at Soufeel. Honestly, I had a very hard time to choose as all look so stunning.

I received parcel within a week after confirmed my order with Soufeel. The delivery is fast considered the company is not located in Malaysia. White paper bag with Soufeel logo is placed in the box (they are very thoughtful as the customer might need to use that if  want to give away as a present).


The white box is packed inside the yellow envelop together with bubble wrap.


Ok, that's how Soufeel wraps the goodies. All charms and bracelet are separately inserted in a small transparent sealed plastic bag.


my first charm- wishing angel

my second charm- owl

my third charm- alphabet E

my fourth charm- present box in heart shape


it's so cute, we can open it :)


the last charm-pink bucket ( to pair with my other charms which are pink in colour)


 That's how my self chosen charms bracelet looks like.


 My bracelet size is 17 as my hand is very slim.


All the charms and bracelet are very beautiful and high in quality with 925 sterling silver. I'm very satisfy with the product quality and I guess the price is affordable compared with other brands out there. 

Today, the SOUFEEL has become the first choice of gifts for millions of customers in the Christmas day, Valentine’s Day, Mother's day, wedding anniversary and birthday. You can find large volume of information online such as YouTube, Facebook or Tumblr which their fans share their bracelets’ stories or pictures.

For more information, please visit, or feel free to contact them anytime at or call  800-518-2718.

To all my beloved readers, here is a promotion code: sun5 which you can use to get 5% discount when you shop at Soufeel ^^ It will be expire on 10 June, be fast if you don't want to miss the offer!
Happy shopping!

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