Wednesday, July 23, 2014

BCL Malaysia BFF Makeup Party

Last Sunday I was invited to BCL makeover workshop. BCL stands for Beauty Creative Lab, a famous beauty brand from Japan.

Have you seen any brand above? They are all under BCL company.


Notes for the workshop is printed for our reference.

#selfie first- just drew my eyebrow and put some foundation at home..very light makeover before coming to the workshop as I wanted to test and use BCL products.

This time they invited renowned Japan makeup artist Hiroki San who worked for 'Make Up Forever' and beauty magazine previously. Currently he is freelance make up artist in Japan.

It was quite interesting workshop as Hiroki San demonstrated to us the way to makeup for 'Cool Beauty' theme and 'Japanese Idol' theme. For 'Cool Beauty', it is defined and mature look. On the other hand, to look like 'Japanese Idol', the keyword of the makeup is supernatural.

The very first step is to apply face powder. There are only 2 shades for Clearlast face powder.


Browlash Ex W Eyebrow Pencil and Liquid is great for 'Cool Beauty' look.


Browlash Ex W Eyebrow Gel Pencil and Powder - more suitable for those who want to create 'Japanese Idol' look.

For the model's right face, Hiroki San demonstrated the way to make 'Cool Beauty' look while another he was doing 'Japanese Idol' look.


Joanne, my bff was not sure the way to draw her eyebrow and asked him for help.


Any difference for right and left? It is very obvious that there is difference. 

For right face (Cool Beauty look), the eye brow angle is more sharp and the eye shadow is applied at the outer corner of the eyes and slowly blend to inner corner.

For her left face, her eye brow is not drawn so obviously upward and angled, it is flat and the colour is lighter. Then the eye shadow is applied at the inner corner of her eyes and slowly blend to outer corner of the eyes.

Next, the eyeliner.  Look the difference! For the 'Cool Beauty' make up look, one needs to choose a dark eyeliner and draw upwards. On the other hand, for natural 'Japanese Idol' look, Hiroki San choose to use brown colour and draw a line close to eyes which was longer but flat.


Way to apply eyeliner for 'Cool Beauty' look


Way to apply eyeliner for 'Japanese Idol' look


Comparing both...which one you like?  'Cool Beauty' or 'Japanese Idol'?


 Next interesting product is the washable mascara. Hiroki San said it is easy to remove by warm water. It is a great news for me as I myself find hard to remove mascara and troublesome to apply this and that.


Again, he made trick to her face. The right eyelashes are more curler compared with the left eyelashes.


That's the look after done the eye makeover.

Whereas for blusher part, he put on more pinkish colour on model face for 'Japanese Idol' look. For 'Cool Beauty' look, he put lighter pink upwards along the cheekbone.


I also done with my 'Japanese Idol' look but without blusher as they did not provide....hehehe still not bad right?

To know more about BCL, you can visit:

Sunday, July 20, 2014

My Favourite Toothbrush Now: Systema 0.02 mm Spiral

Do you face any problem when brushing your teeth? I do. I have bleeding gum last time when brushing my teeth. If you have same problem, look what I found that might relieve your problem as well.


This is how the toothbrush looks like after one month trial.

While brushing my teeth, I always think that the harder I brush, the cleaner it will be. But this is absolutely wrong because dentists recommend to brush teeth gently as brushing vigorously can erode the tooth enamel. Besides, excessive brushing could expose the root of the tooth and gums to irritation and might lead to sensitive teeth.


Close look: Super slim 0.02 bristles

In line with this, Systema, a leading oral care expert and the first to introduce the 0.02mm  (1/20 the size of normal bristles) bristle tip toothbrushes in Malaysia, presents a new variant – Systema Spiral that removes 40% more plaque without brushing hard. 

因为这缘故,Systema, 领先的口腔护理专家和第一个在马来西亚介绍0.02mm (1/20 普通牙刷刷毛的体积)刷毛的牙刷,推介新的系列- Systema Spiral 可以不用很出力的洗刷也可以去除多40%的斑块。

Systema Spiral

Systema Spiral has special hexagonal shaped bristles twisted together to form spirals – enabling six sharp sides to scrape away plaque on tooth surface more effectively. Whilst its 0.02 mm slim bristles tip penetrate deeper to remove more plaque along the hard to reach gum lines and inter dental.The toothbrush also has a thumb grip for better control and comfort. It comes in four different handle colours, namely Orange, Green, Blue and Pink. Systema Spiral is available in most hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide. Purchase the new Systema Spiral at RM8.90 for a pack of one or RM17.80 for a pack of three. 

Systema Spiral 有特别六边形刷毛捻在一起,以形成螺旋-使六尖角更有效地刮掉牙齿表面斑块。而其0.02毫米超薄刷毛尖端穿透更深,以去除更多沿着难以到达胶线的牙菌斑。牙刷也有拇指握槽以更好地控制和给予更多的舒适性。有四种握槽颜色包括橘色,青色,蓝色和粉红色。Systema Spiral 在全国的超级市场都有出售。Systema Spiral 以一支RM8.90 出售或者是RM17.90 三支。

I got a Systema toothbrush from FB campaign which gave out free sampling for public to try few months ago. The caption at the packaging is very catchy:

*Extreme Clean
*Remove 40% more plaque
*0.02 mm bristles

Honestly after 1 month trial, I have no issue with bleeding gum. The bristles are soft and flexible which I really like it compare with the normal toothbrush I used that was harsh to my teeth even though labeled as soft. Definitely I will purchase it after the sample trying. 

我是几个月前在FB campaign 里获得这支免费试用的牙刷。



Systema comes in 6 variants. Besides Systema Spiral,  there are Systema Compact, Systema Comfort, Systema Full Head, Systema Bi Level and Systema Sensitive.  

Systema 有6种系列。除了 Systema Spiral,它还有Systema Compact, Systema Comfort, Systema Full Head, Systema Bi Level 以及Systema Sensitive。

Also, those excited for an opportunity to sample Systema Spiral can log on to to be updated on how and when to participate. For more information on the new Systema Spiral, please visit or engage with them on their Facebook page at

还有若你们有兴趣试用这Systema Spiral 牙刷的话,可以去 看看如何获取。更多Systema Spiral的资料,可以游览或者

Monday, July 14, 2014

A Great Place for Short Vacation @ Seri Menanti Resort, Negeri Sembilan

In previous post, I mentioned that I visited Negeri Sembilan state in Malaysia. For those who never heard it before, here is a simple introduction:

"Negeri Sembilan is situated in the west of Peninsular Malaysia. It is about 50km south of Kuala Lumpur city. Its name literally means nine states as the state once consisted of nine districts. The state is known for its Minangkabau culture and Adat Perpatih, an age-old matrilineal social system. Negeri Sembilan is synonymous with the unique upswept roof designs, a typical feature of Minangkabau architecture." (Tourism Malaysia booklet)


"森美兰州坐落在半岛的西边。从吉隆坡南部大概是50公里。起名字的字面是九州的意思因为以前的森美兰州由九个区组成。这森美兰州以 Minangkabau 文化和 Adat Perpatih,古老的母系社会制度闻名。森美兰也与独特的上翘屋顶设计画上等号,Minangkabau的典型建筑特征。"(马来西亚旅游书刊)  

Seri Menanti Resort
Seri Menanti Royal Town

Seri Menanti is the royal capital of the state of Negeri Sembilan. Seri Menanti Royal Museum which I shared earlier is located here. It is a small town with several historical and cultural landmarks.

Seri Menanti 是森美兰州的皇家城都。我之前所分享的
Seri Menanti Royal Museum也坐落在这里。这是一个有数个历史和文化地标的小镇。

Seri Menanti Resort
Seri Menanti Resort

Seri Menanti Resort is just located beside Seri Menanti Royal Museum. Within a minute walking distance, you can reach the old palace. I stayed here for a night following Santai Travel Magazine team.

Seri Menanti Resort坐落在Seri Menanti Royal Museum 的隔壁。在一分钟内,你就可以走到那旧皇宫。我跟着Santai Travel杂志在这里待了一个晚上。

Seri Menanti Resort
Seri Menanti Resort

The room rate for double bed is around RM150/night. 


Seri Menanti Resort
Seri Menanti Resort

Seri Menanti Resort
Seri Menanti Resort
 Go for a dip in the expansive swimming pool surrounded with lush vegetation is what I wanted for a weekend break away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Seri Menanti Resort

Seri Menanti Resort
Seri Menanti Resort

The dormitory room offered by the resort. There are double bed rooms and family rooms but I only feature this as not many resorts offer dorm.


Seri Menanti Resort
Seri Menanti Resort

The souvenir given by the resort is presented on the table of the room. It is a dodol (Malay dessert) in the small container.

放在房间的桌子上的酒店赠的手礼。手礼是个放在小盒子里的dodol (马来人的甜点)。  

Seri Menanti Resort
Seri Menanti Resort

 Let see what we had for high tea: 


Seri Menanti Resort-special cutting of mango

All kinds of fruits but I chose to have mango as I was quite full after lunch. 


air jando pulang
Air Jando Pulang

One of the popular Malay drink in Negeri Sembilan is Air Jando Pulang. If you understand Malay,then you will sneer at it. Let me define what it means Air=water; Jando/Janda (the standard Malay word is Janda, but NS folks like to pronounce everything ends with 'o' sound)=widow; Pulang=coming home. So it sounds funny right?!

在森美兰州其中一个著名的马来人饮料是 Air Jando Pulang。若你明白马来文,那么你就会会心一笑。让我解释这是什么Air=水,Jando/Janda (真正的写法是Janda,但是森美兰人都很喜欢把大多数的a读成o音)=寡妇,Pulang=回来。所以是不是很好笑?!

special Negeri Sembilan dessert

Remember to enjoy this cool and refreshing drink when you are here! The exquisite richness of the coconut pulp and brown sugar to taste, sometimes added with pandan leaf, makes this drink unique to Negeri Sembilan. Add in some ice-cubes for an ice-cool exotic drink, just the thing to quench your thirst on a hot sunny day.


Seri Menanti Resort

After high tea, we had some traditional games to stretch our muscles. If you followed my blog closely, then I believe you seen this in my Penang post.


Seri Menanti Resort

This game requires two players. One will sit on the coconut leaf and another will pull the leaf at the other end. 


Watch here for better idea: 

Seri Menanti Resort

Seri Menanti Resort- Bowling with coconut

Seri Menanti Resort-Bowling with coconut

Seri Menanti Resort-Bowling with coconut

Another fun game of the day was bowling with coconut. As the coconut shape is not round, it really tests the players' skills!



selfie with scarecrow xo
与稻草人自拍 xo

 Seri Menanti Resort
After the game, we had our dinner. I don't eat Malay dish very often but I really like the tempoyak durian! 

游戏后,我们便吃晚餐。我并不常吃马来菜肴但是我非常喜欢tempoyak durian!

Seri Menanti Resort 

While eating, there was a video display of Yg Dipertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan for the homage ceremony on 18 May 2014. 


Seri Menanti Resort 
At night we gathered at the concourse area for some night activities besides prize giving ceremony for the game.


Seri Menanti Resort

This included karaoke session. I was so nervous that day as suddenly being called out to sing a song. Not only that, I had been asked a lot of personal questions by the emcee that made me so embarrass. All thanks to the fella beside me who wrote my name on the paper without notification. So I will pay back what you did in future!


Seri Menanti Resort 
The night ended with all joining in the folk dance like poco-poco and etc. This was my last night in Negeri Sembilan, though tired but I really enjoy the trip! See you all in next post! Happy Monday and hope you all have a great start of the week!


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